HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE COACHING FOR WOMENHave you had enough of the latest trend in the endless list of diet plans? Would you like to never count a single calorie again? Are you fed up with quick fixes and yet another “magical” cleanse?

Are you longing instead for the ease and pleasure in learning to trust yourself again, know yourself again, and listen to what the genius of your body is telling you?

Are you ready for a fresh, sensual and sustainable approach to health and vitality, dear woman, and learning new day to day habits and ways to love, nurture, and nourish yourself?

Are you ready to stop fighting your body and viewing your body as a “project” and start working with your body instead?

I’ll help you move away from narrow, restrictive, highly disciplined and masculine approaches to health, to a path that is in alignment with your innate feminine nature.

The highly masculine model we have been operating in has dried us out and caused many of us to lose our feminine juiciness. We’ll get it back, woman.

Remember, the most intimate relationship we have in life is with ourselves…it will be a lot more fun if we can know it, trust it, and love it.

I currently meet only with local clients because I have found that the personal connection adds such a rich dimension to our time together. We meet in the intimacy and relaxed environment of my home over a cup of tea with my arsenal of tools and ideas to share at my fingertips.

My goal is to ultimately empower you to understand and trust your body again and to learn to decipher what it is telling you. I will help YOU become the expert of yourself…there is no other way because our needs are always changing. We must learn the language of our beautiful body. I’ll provide the foundation, a repertoire of tools that I have found along the way, loving support, and a springboard….you, beautiful woman, will take it from there.

Contact me with any questions and how we get started.


I regularly speak about health and wellness at events, lunch and learns, and on corporate training days. I so enjoy getting out there and inspiring others in their journey toward health. I tailor content to meet organizations’ specific needs and goals.

Contact me with questions and for a list of sample talks and rates.