I_0031 Low Res 3 (1)Welcome. I’m Lisa…… a writer, educator, health and lifestyle coach, woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter. I’ve learned a great deal on this unpredictable and glorious journey of life thus far…..with highs and lows I never could have imagined. I’ve tried to hold my head up through it all with the grace of an imperfect, ever growing and evolving woman…….throwing my arms up in sweet gratitude for my blessings and trying again. My heart is cracked open to loving what was, what is, and what will be.

My passionate interest has always been optimum health and vitality and the simplest way to achieve and maintain it on this roller coaster that is our life. I have learned a great deal along the way through both formal study and my own experience. We are living in a time where we are overwhelmed with a barrage of information. The media lures us in with promises of hard tummies, teeny waists, and happy lives if we can just follow the program, stick with the rules, and muster enough discipline to get it right. Yikes. Have you noticed how many different programs there are? Have you noticed that many are diametrically opposed yet all claiming to be the answer you are seeking? That is why I am here, dear reader, and why I have created this blog. I want to help you make sense of this madness, and simplify your unique path to health and radiance. I want you to reconnect with yourself, trust yourself again, listen to yourself and become your own healer. I’ll help you stop listening so much to all the “experts” out there and start discerning what your miraculous body is telling you. This is the key because we are constantly changing–like everything else in the universe—so our needs are constantly shifting. There is no one right answer….it is about cultivating a repertoire of ways to care for ourselves that we integrate into our everyday lives. I’ve learned of many pleasures, rituals, and new ways of looking at things that amaze me in their power and simplicity. Let’s explore them together and move toward our true radiant potential.

I will write about opening, trusting, flexibility, letting go of any one strict approach, using your feminine gifts, and pulling it all together. For each of us, what works is a little of this and a little of that, navigating our ups and downs while loving, listening, and supporting ourselves along the way. Anyone that tells me they have it all figured out makes me want to run for the hills! Living life is ever-changing, messy, divine and full….the yin and the yang. One of my favorite quotes I heard from a Buddhist master years ago that I’ve never forgotten: “Anyone I’ve ever met who has their sh*t together is standing in it at the same time.”

So, sweet reader, we will learn to inhabit this beautiful body of ours again on this wild ride. We will come to know it and love it…..perhaps for the first time. This little space is my humble offering and I am deeply grateful you are here. It is an honor to share what I have learned and continue to learn along the way. I am so happy you found me.